Managed Equipment Service

Modality understands how to deliver Managed Equipment Service solutions that comply with COS Heading 45.  

We established Modality to provide vendor neutral, independent diagnostic imaging solutions designed to meet the challenges of increasing patient demand and improving patient outcomes.

Our people have a history of innovation and delivering transformational services into the NHS. For example, our people designed and implemented the first vendor neutral MES in 2002. They went on to deliver 7 more. In 2014 they were the first to successfully incorporate consumables into an MES.

Our vendor neutrality means we work with you to design facilities that ensure you have the widest possible choice of technology. This is valuable because vendor choice enables savings and improves the ability to match solutions to the facility’s requirements. A well-designed facility also continues to deliver savings long after its initial commissioning. For example, at the point of equipment replacement, the original facility’s inherent flexibility means clinical choice is not compromised and the need for expensive rebuild minimised.

Modality manage all aspects of your facility and its equipment, throughout its life, for you. This ensures clinicians and patients benefit from access to modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment.

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